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All reviews - Games (20)

The Adventures of Mr Heli review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 06:12 (A review of The Adventures of Mr Heli)

Excellent free-roaming action shooter game. Rewarding currency and item system. Overall average difficulty although final boss on stage 2 is very hard to defeat unless you have a mid-high health because of its frantic pattern and touch of death. Multi-directional stage layouts and variety of enemies and unique boss battles. Gameplay is comparable to Atomic Robo Kid but with more freedom in stage design.

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Kaizou Chounin Shubibinman review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 05:03 (A review of Kaizou Chounin Shubibinman)

Early amateur action platform game that only improved on follow-up games of the series. Since all the menus were in Japanese I bought at random at the item/shop screen. The final stage has an invisible magnet area you must jump over, gliding 'wings' item, and a strange anti-gravity passage. The ending boss would have been easier if I were equipped with a stronger sword, but after 3 tries I managed to defeat it.

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Bonk's Revenge review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 05:02 (A review of Bonk's Revenge)

Pithecanthropus Computerurus is taking revenge in this follow-up. Enjoyed the overall improvements on level length and plentiful hidden bonus games. Stages also have more variety to them and difficulty has increased slightly from the original. The original Bonk's Adventure was so quirky it felt more like a novelty or parody of mascot-type platform games of the time, whereas this game is more fleshed out and could hold its own in the genre. It still retains it's strange elements with wacky enemies and bosses.

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Wolf Fang: Koukiba 2001 review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:59 (A review of Wolf Fang: Koukiba 2001)

What a fantastic hybrid of run'and gun and shoot'em up gameplay! You pilot a giant robot that can dash, jump, crouch, slash, bomb, and shoot your way through a slew of enemies coming from all angles including behind you. In the beginning you choose your robot or you can customize parts to make your own that suits your play style for example having a long-sword and homing missile combination.

Overall excellent action-packed 2P experience that spans more than ten stages. Once your robot is destroyed you eject similar to Metal Warriors and are now allowed to fly and shoot thanks to your jet pack - once you collect three power item pieces then you can re-build your robot suit.

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Bravoman review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:54 (A review of Bravoman)

Charming super hero themed platform action game. Nearly average all around from gameplay, sound, music, graphics, and presentation although features a few unusual attacks and high difficulty in later levels. Your main character uses his arms, legs and head to stretch and hit his opponents. Parody enemy designs with tiny tanks, ninjas, children hiding under baskets, and goofy bosses that include sumo wrestler, female ninja, sea dragons and more. Being an arcade port I expected a short game, but 21 stages need to be completed. Half way through the game you do get repeated boss battles, enemies, only on stage 16 onward you will encounter new stages. A nice break in pace were the underwater shoot'em up levels. The final stage, which is a boss rush leading up to the final boss, became very frustrating one instance is having to fight a clone of yourself, again, that mimics your moves which was a headache to defeat. Admittedly this game took longer than expected to finish, partly due to his 'Bravo jump' technique that is needed in certain areas that is awkward to perform on the controller. Hard game in later levels especially given the limited continues.

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Pop'n Twinbee review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:53 (A review of Pop'n Twinbee)

First play-through on Normal difficulty settings. They removed the charge shot this time around to replace it with a move that scatters multiple twinbees that covers the entire screen. The punch mechanic is good at times, although mostly not practical since you must be very close to your enemy for it to hit. The final boss pattern was on the easy side but without a strong weapon it lasted well over five minutes. I used the punch attack to sever it's limbs quicker. Having a health bar in a shooter was also surprising, it was helpful towards the later stages. I've had 5 extra unused credits at the end.

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Shockman review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:53 (A review of Shockman)

Average follow-up to a lackluster debut. Graphics and controls have been updated although the slippery walk persists. Large creative bosses, boring stages and enemies, an overall mediocre experience. Below average sound effects, story-line. The added shoot'em up stages are a plus, although again mediocre with the exception of the final "chasing stage". Moderate difficulty (although the 2nd to final boss has an inescapable fireball blast that will require an item or high health to defeat).

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Cyber Speedway review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:52 (A review of Cyber Speedway)

Below average futuristic racer. Graphics are average- overall frame rate, draw distance, stages design are better than Hi-Octane also on Sega Saturn. Unfortunately weapons usually miss hitting the opponent, frame rate drops significantly in 2-Player mode, and the voice acting is terrible. One highlight was the soundtrack consisting of heavy metal tracks throughout. Completed 'Standard mode' (first, second, and third place) and in the process of completing 'Advance mode' which requires you to place first on ever course.

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Keith Courage in Alpha Zones review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:51 (A review of Keith Courage in Alpha Zones)

Below average action platform game. Sloppy hit detection, leaps of faith jumps, amateur programming- where enemies are allowed to walk on spike floor and re-spawn indefinitely, mundane stage design where every level is recycled and use the near exact backgrounds with only a slight color hue changes.

The game is split up into two worlds 'overworld' and 'underworld' - the overworld is a slow slog where you must repeatedly attack tiny enemies to collect coins to purchase upgrades, and the underworld you pilot a super-deformed robot that has slippery controls walking through until you reach the bottom where the boss appears. A good change of pace are the shops to upgrade your weapon and purchase magic, although they do not look very different than the previous weapon/magic you already are equipped with.

Bosses are even recycled as enemies throughout later stages. To top it off the final boss has a glitch when you stand too close to it doesn't attack back!

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Gaiares review

Posted : 9 months ago on 28 September 2021 04:49 (A review of Gaiares)

Could have been a spectacular exclusive shoot'em up if it wasn't for the increased difficulty. Unique ability grabbing mechanic allows you take use of enemies weapons. Changing your ship move speed frequently is essential for defeating bosses and navigating certain stages, that's why it is mapped to button A (instead of select for example).

An overall difficult shooter, but in a totally different way where reflex and bullet recognition isn't the factor but recognizing deceptively placed pattern order and navigating though a AI that predicts your last ship placement is. Things are not as they seem, before you progress the scrolling screen wait for a traps to be released on several stages.

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